Alysian supported a global top tier PE firm in its acquisition of a FMCG business with a valuation of over 4 billion €.

    We supported the transaction from due diligence advisory, incl. IT costs assessment to IT & Digital separation delivery via embedded leadership roles. Effective IT separation program was designed and set up, Day-1 planned and successfully delivered, and full separation was achieved ahead of time and under budget.


    Our client, a renowned leader in the beauty industry, successfully separated from their parent company across more than 50 countries. However, the last piece of the puzzle was the fast-growing market of Brazil – which presented the biggest challenge. In the absence of a well-structured plan, our client knew there was the potential to lead to operational disruptions, compliance issues, and missed growth opportunities.

    It was a highly complex IT program with many risks to customer-impacting operations
    There was no local IT organisation available to lead the transformation
    There was limited business and business process infrastructure to support the separation process

    What We Did

    Alysian supported our client to ensure a smooth transition into the Brazilian market through scoping, budgeting, program management and value assurance services.

    Future-State IT Architecture
    Our team of experts meticulously designed a future-ready IT architecture that aligned with the client's objectives and ensured operational efficiency.
    Implementation and Data Migration Strategy
    We devised a robust implementation plan, carefully aligning the data migration strategy to guarantee seamless transfer of crucial business data while maintaining data integrity.
    Timely Execution
    Alysian developed a detailed implementation schedule, guiding each phase of the separation process to ensure it was completed efficiently within the targeted timeline.
    Vendor and Partner Contracting
    To streamline operations, we collaborated with reliable vendors and strategic partners, sourcing necessary resources and expertise for the successful execution of the project.
    Expert IT Team
    Alysian assembled a highly skilled IT team, dedicated to overseeing and managing the technical aspects of the separation, ensuring a stable IT infrastructure throughout the transition.

    Our Results

    Thanks to Alysian’s expertise and collaborative approach, the separation was successfully completed ahead of the targeted 15-month timeline and within the expected scope and budget. Additionally, EUR40M of cost was saved through contract negotiations with vendors. With a fully operational entity in Brazil, the client is now equipped to capitalize on the region’s potential and foster sustainable growth for years to come. 

    We would not have achieved our go-live date goal without Alysian. Their ability to listen, pivot and execute sets them apart from other consulting firms I have worked with. They are consistently available and incredibly responsive and thoughtful.
    Having worked with other companies in the digital and business transformation space, Alysian is my preference. You really stand out from (and stand above!) any of your competitors in the field, the experience is just amazing.
    Alysian has done a heroic job meeting our timelines, helping us define our scope and requirements. The urgency is brilliant and the quality of the output is strong.

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