Benefits in Agility but challenges in scaling

    • Organization are seeing that agility has transformation benefits
    • The agile organization can combine the following characteristics including speed, velocity, adaptability and efficiency
    • There are many paths to an agile operating model but no matter the path the approach must be comprehensive and iterative

    Agile journey from pilot to scale

    • A comprehensive transformation should cover all aspects of an organization including strategy, people process, structure, and technology
    • Any blueprint for an agile operating model needs to be much more than simply an organization chart, it must include a vision, a design, and an accompanying operating model with any underlying changes clearly defined for all people, processes, and technology of the operating model
    • Agile pilots are often used as a starting point to demonstrate the value to organizations with clear outcomes
    • Once pilots are past the trail stages, then the more difficult part to scale-up across the organization usually via waves

    How can we help?

    Vision and framework
    Baselining the starting point then establishing a business case for the transformation with a customized model fit for purpose to the organization
    Apply in Pilot
    Apply in pilot projects to start and refine the model based on feedback and experience
    Build capabilities
    Setup transformation al governance, career paths, transformation office, technical environment including architecture, tools and measure with objective tracking
    Scale change across the organization via deployment waves with the necessary high touch support throughout the organization