Challenges with driving the Digital Agenda @ scale

    • Many companies have defined a digital vision and roadmap with some quick win successful proof of concepts
    • However, many companies are unable scale these digital efforts for largest deployment with fast speed to market
    • A new approach is needed to build these capabilities in-house to not be dependent on outsourcing partners

    Transferring skills to prevent outsourcing your future

    • We belive an organization can be successful at building their own capabilities in order to own and drive their digital transformation agenda
    • A different approach is needed for digital business building and we call it Build Operate Transfer (BOT)
    • To assist your company in your digital transformation, Alysian brings industry-leading expertise and know-how in delivering digital projects at a large scale.
    • Our sole aim is for our clients to OWN and cultivate their internal talent pools, be able to drive decision making by using their OWN data & intelligence, and internalize the key IT landscape areas that bring competitive advantage all while fostering and driving an insurgent mindset

    How can we help?

    We work with you to define the skills and talent pool needed given your unique situation and builds the digital venture both from a technology and resource perspective
    We help develop and coach the pool of new talent using tried and tested frameworks with real life practical experience so your team delivers digital project on their own
    We help co-create your organizational structure to run independently with a safe transition period lasting between 12-18 months of side by side collaboration