Technology issues are often the thorniest to resolve when Private Equity firms consider acquiring businesses. Not only must their entire front and back end technology stacks be rebuilt to enable the company to operate as a standalone entity within the Private Equity portfolio, but this transition must happen seamlessly, with no impact to business continuity.

    Effective due diligence is critical to determining whether the deal includes all of the required system and technology infrastructure as well as the supporting data, people, contracts and intellectual property to be a success.

    It also provides essential analyses to help decision makers assess the scope of technology included, risks and opportunities, one-time costs, and requirements for transitional services, among other issues.

    Our team offers thorough and insightful due diligence services that encompass comprehensive assessments of target companies’ technology infrastructure, data, cybersecurity, and digital capabilities to inform strategic decision-making and drive successful outcomes.

    Trusted pre-transaction partner to Private Equity

    What You Can Expect

    Alysian is a company formed of senior leaders and professionals with broad transformation and IT experience.
    We hire the best from top consulting firms and corporate organizations, usually with 10+ years' experience. We dedicate our most experienced consultants to client projects.
    Our spotless track record is in big part due to our hands on and agile way of working. We can quickly accustom to new project setups and align our operation to our clients.
    Tailored Assets
    We offer tailored advices based on a vault of assets. We have deep technology and industry knowledge from commercial, financial and technological point of views.

    How We Can Help

    We can provide valuable expertise in conducting comprehensive due diligence and assessing the intricacies of IT systems to identify potential risks, challenges, and opportunities associated with a carve-out prior to an acquisition deal being signed.

    SPA Negotiation support
    TSA definition support
    Granular cost analysis
    Separation approach and timeline definition

    Client Case Studies

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