In an increasingly competitive market where technology is the backbone of business operations, optimizing spend has become a strategic imperative.

    However, this is not a simple lever to pull. Organizations grapple with sourcing the right technology solutions, negotiating favorable terms, and aligning vendor performance with business expectations. Balancing cost reductions without compromising on quality, ensuring compliance, and effectively managing vendor relationships can often become tricky, demanding a strategic vs. tactical approach.

    With an in-depth understanding of procurement, cost optimization, and vendor performance management, we tailor our services to align with your unique needs – from spend diagnostic to spend improvement delivery.

    Our team of experts specializes in helping you navigate the complexities of sourcing, procurement and vendor management to optimize your technology spend in a sustainable way that enhances performance. 

    Our Track Record

    Average savings
    Contract savings
    Cost-out experts

    Leading advisor for technology and digital cost reduction initiatives

    What You Can Expect

    Alysian is a company formed of senior leaders and professionals with broad transformation and IT experience.
    We hire the best from top consulting firms and corporate organizations, usually with 10+ years' experience. We dedicate our most experienced consultants to client projects.
    Our spotless track record is in big part due to our hands on and agile way of working. We can quickly accustom to new project setups and align our operation to our clients.
    Tailored Assets
    We offer tailored advices based on a vault of assets. We have deep technology and industry knowledge from commercial, financial and technological point of views.

    How Can We Help

    Sourcing/ Procurement

    We provide valuable expertise to help you optimise your commercial relationship with vendors across all spend contributors: from planning, through demand and specifications, to vendor contracts and inefficiencies in the source to pay process. Including:

    RFx support
    Vendor evaluation


    We can employ various strategies, such as consolidation, automation and optimization, to reduce your spend on technology in a sustainable way. Our proven approach includes four phases of work:

    To baseline and benchmark spending, and to set priorities for savings
    Designing and implementing the governance and frameworks, creating the backlog of savings opportunities, executing quick wins
    Converting the opportunities for saving, leveraging Alysian's negotiation toolkits and RFx assets
    Managing supplier performance and tracking savings

    Vendor Performance Management

    We set up, with our partner management offering, the correct governance and processes to allow proactive identification and mitigation of risks associated with vendor non-performance (across partners who provide SI services or parts of the e2e solution) including:

    Non-performance by partners
    Mis-alignment between partners
    Mis-alignment between partners and customers

    Target Operating Models

    We can ensure your technology organisation is aligned to the strategic goals and objectives of the organisation by identifying and eliminating redundant processes, reorganising teams and functions, or implementing new technologies to improve the organisations operational capabilities. 

    IT TOM / eTOM
    IT Outsourcing

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