Challenges around IT procurement and budgets

    • High IT spend 
    • Complex vendor landscape 
    • Unclear licensing and cost structure 
    • Diverse contractual terms among vendors 
    • Resource / capability gap in IT procurement 

    How we can help?


    • Potential 2-8% savings in 2-4 weeks.
    • If you are not sure that your IT contracts and prices are correct, we can help with a quick fix through benchmarking and impact analysis

    Accelerated impact

    • Get 8-15% savings in 2-3 months.
    • When bottom-line impact opportunity confirmed, we can help to realize it with quick wins implementation.

    Full-scale procurement transformation

    • Up to 30% savings in 6-12 months.
    • If you need a complete, structural transformation of your external spend base and expect your procurement practice to reach its maximum savings potential

    What differentiates us?

    Benchmark insights
    Our track record puts us in a unique place where we can use real-life benchmark data to compare your IT vendor pricing data with peers for your competitive advantage
    Experience 360
    Our team has client side procurement experience, vendor side, consultant side, and investor side experience provides a unique mix to help your maximize the potential benefit
    Value delivery
    Our model is based on the actual cost savings realized and measured against the agreed baseline. This provides true impact to the bottom line
    Our only obligation is to deliver you the highest possible savings. We are independent advisors and we will delivery the best result for you