Transformations and inherent challenges

    • Many organizations are undertaking large transformational programs to remain competitive
    • Failure rates remain high, in some cases as high as 60% to capture the value anticipated
    • Many of these failures can be better managed with improved governance and stronger risk management & program controls

    Ensure value capture during the transformational journey

    • Our transformation value assurance team, expertise, and best practices can help organization focus on the key business outcomes of their transformation in order to focus on the most impactful activities while managing the inherent risk.
    • We have expertise to ensure value throughout the entire lifecycle of a transformation, from definition right through to closure and have often been brought in to salvage complex transformations that have been derailed.

    How can we help?

    Outcomes definition
    Business case assessment
    Strategic approach definition with vision statement and business case assessment. Clearly established roadmaps with time-horizons
    Program governance
    Program setup incl. roles & responsibilities with performance management and proactive risk identification and mitigation. Organizational change management
    Process and technology
    High level target operating model, business process in end state, and high level architecture. Vendor strategy, selection, evaluation, and contract definition with negotiation
    Capabilities & practices
    Ensure adequate number of people with the right skills at the right time with capability build-up process and delivery methodology definition including best use of Agile