The road to technological advancement has many hurdles. However, for any organisation, ensuring the successful execution of technology programs is paramount to delivering value creation.

    Large scale digital transformation programs require intricate project management, quality assurance and resource allocation. At Alysian, we recognize the challenges that organizations face when embarking on complex digital initiatives. We can support with end-to-end program delivery including program design, audits and reviews, program recovery and program management.

    We combine proven program leadership methodologies with deep expertise in technology, to deliver excellence on process and content workstreams. Our mission is to be your digital transformation partner, ensuring seamless programs that not only meet their objectives but exceed expectations.

    Our Track Record

    Digital programs assured
    IT budget managed
    Value assured
    Reduction in system complexity

    What You Can Expect

    Alysian is a company formed of senior leaders and professionals with broad transformation and IT experience.
    We hire the best from top consulting firms and corporate organizations, usually with 10+ years' experience. We dedicate our most experienced consultants to client projects.
    Our spotless track record is in big part due to our hands on and agile way of working. We can quickly accustom to new project setups and align our operation to our clients.
    Tailored Assets
    We offer tailored advices based on our vault of assets. We have deep technology and private equity knowledge from commercial, financial and technological point of views.

    How We Can Help

    Program Design / Audit

    We can provide valuable expertise in ensuring a digital transformation program is setup for success from Day 1.

    Analyzing the current programme setup, IT infrastructure, systems, and processes to identify gaps, inefficiencies, and areas for improvement .
    Strategy Development
    Developing a strategy that defines the objectives, goals, and initiatives for the IT transformation program .
    Business Case Development
    Building a comprehensive business case that includes strategic alignment to the value creation plan, cost-benefit analysis, and anticipated ROI to secure stakeholder buy-in and project success.
    Roadmap Development
    Working with the client and their 3rd parties to define the specific steps and timelines for implementing the initiatives identified in the strategy .
    Governance and Management
    Developing and implementing the governance structure and management framework to ensure that the program is executed efficiently and effectively

    Program Recovery

    We can salvage a program in trouble and ensure that it achieves its objectives within the agreed-upon scope, budget and timeline

    Conducted to identify the root causes of the program or project's problems. This involves analyzing the program's objectives, setup, scope, schedule, budget, risks, and other factors that may have contributed to the issues.
    Recovery Planning
    Outlines the specific steps and resources required to bring the program or project back on track. The recovery plan may involve changes to the program's setup, scope, schedule, budget, team structure, or management approach.
    Governance and Control
    Enhanced program setup, management and control processes are a typical output of program recovery, which Alysian can build, operate and transition.

    Business Integration

    We can integrate with your business to ensure the smooth delivery of a program, either through embedding our experts within your organisation to provide day-to-day direction or through advisory services.

    providing the people, templates and structure to run a PMO effectively and efficiently (e.g., governance, scope management, budget and forecast, benefits management, vendor management, quality control).
    Assurance and Control Tower
    Ensuring that the relevant processes are fit for purpose (e.g., program setup, partner management, budget management and dependencies management).
    Preparing for and executing a flawless transition to new processes and systems including people elements (e.g., change management, training, communications) and technical elements (e.g., data migration, business testing, cutover management, hypercare)

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